At Studio Marchetti our Architects specialize in residential design, as well as small commercial projects.As full-service professionals, we manage every aspect of a project from the design stage through the final construction to ensure elegant and successful architectural solutions. We incorporate the functional requirements, creative ideas, scheduling needs, and budget constraints of our clients to achieve their goals. For us, each client and context suggests its own architectural style. Our design aesthetic shifts smoothly between modern and traditional to accommodate each project.


Our Manhattan projects range from loft and apartment renovations to townhouses and new penthouse additions. We have also designed restaurants, art galleries, professional offices and apartment lobbies. Outside of the City, our work includes new country houses, seaside retreats and cottages, as well as transformations of and additions to existing houses. Our pro bono work includes helping a community rebuild its Victorian Lighthouse, a historic landmark on the Long Island Sound.


We work closely with our clients from the very start of a project to establish budgets and schedules that are realistic and consistent with the clients’ expectations. Every step of the way, we carefully monitor these conditions so that the project remains affordable and on schedule. After many years of experience, we have an excellent track record for staying within budget without compromising the design or function of a project. Our expertise in estimating the timeline for each stage of a project further ensures timely delivery of the completed project.


We work with some of the most established general contractors in the business. Many of these reputable firms have collaborated with us for over twenty-five years, and we pride ourselves on the fact that they have chosen to work with us repeatedly. We also consider builders recommended by our clients and colleagues as part of the bidding process. To keep up with the latest techniques and technology, we are constantly researching new and innovative sources and specialists in the field. We also encourage clients to consider using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials in their projects.


We listen carefully to our clients’ needs, as well as their fantasies. More than half of our current clients are repeat customers, some for the third and fourth time. Our policy of an open, creative interchange with clients has earned us both gratitude and trust.