Brooklyn Heights Brownstone

This is the reinvention of an 1835 Gothic Revival brownstone in Brooklyn Heights.  The great back story here is that the husband of our client couple has been dreaming about this project for literally decades.  The house had been broken up into ten studio apartments after WW2, and he moved into one of the studios in the 70s while going to medical school.  Over more than a decade, our client managed to buy the entire house unit by unit, with the goal that one day he would transform it back into its original identity as a single-family townhouse.  In the 80s, he cobbled together all the floors to make a single-family.  Finally, in  2017, he was in a position to fulfill his dream. We gutted the first three floors of the house.  The only architectural features we saved were the original stair banister and a plaster medallion. The couple asked us for a more open interior that combined recreated historic details with a calm Zen-like mood.

Press: The Brownstoner – Brooklyn Heights Renovation

Photos by Michael Moran


Construction by GeoCreate Solutions