Precision Sound

Precision Sound, a recording studio located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, is a collaboration with our client Alex Sterling and his acoustic consultant, Horacio Malvicino.  This suite of Zen rooms includes a Lobby, Control Room, Performance Space, and Isolation Booth. Studio Marchetti designed these spaces using a palette of silvery-white oak millwork, grey-tone acoustic fabrics, and jet black Flos lighting.  Eye candy and oxygen are provided by a living plant wall in the Lobby.

As Alex says, “Precision Sound provides a unique environment for creative work to take place with a holistic focus on excellence, professionalism, and service.”  Musicians so far seem to agree with him.

In collaboration Malvicino Design Group + Crossley Acoustics

General Contractors: J Balaz and Associates


Mixonline – Precision Sound back with analog-digital sommer cable

Mixonline – The mix class best studio of 2021


Photography: Tom Schaefer, Angelo Caranese and Alex Sterling